Vist with Grandma and Grandpa
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We had a great time visiting with Grandma, Grandpa, Auntie Ebash, Uncle Gilbert, and Baby Jared and Sara in October.  Grandpa had a very special Birthday with all of us there to help him eat his cake!

BabySara.jpg (80202 bytes)

Welcome Baby Sara!


ElizandJared.jpg (67802 bytes)

Auntie Ebash and a very grown up Jared


Gilbert&Sara.jpg (71106 bytes)

Uncle Gilbert and Baby Sara


Grandpa's Cake.jpg (66476 bytes)

Grandpa's Birthday!!


JaredGiggling.jpg (52451 bytes)

Caught Jared giggling!


nolen1.jpg (83809 bytes)

Nolen having fun


NolenandEbash2.jpg (60521 bytes)

Auntie Ebash and Nolen


NolenandGrandpa.jpg (57180 bytes)

Grandpa and Nolen


sara1.jpg (64012 bytes)

Sara caught with cake


Sara2.jpg (66173 bytes)

Sara enjoying her cake