Disney Cruise
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It's been a while, but finally, the cruise pics


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Nolen enjoying the sun and surf

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Sara being silly

cruise3.jpg (53714 bytes)

Waiting in line for autographs

cruise4.jpg (52091 bytes)

Got em!

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Gotta love Goofy

cruise9.jpg (40899 bytes)

Sara basking in the early morning sun

cruise11.jpg (62794 bytes)

Getting ready for the Character Breakfast

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cruise16.jpg (56967 bytes)

Our favorite waitors, David and Muruka

cruise17.jpg (45055 bytes)

View of the ship from a cattamarran in St. Thomas

cruise18.jpg (54385 bytes)

Sara shopping

cruise19.jpg (72968 bytes)

Pre-dinner fun

cruise20.jpg (70360 bytes)

The finale...Nolen is thinking "I hate whipped cream"...Sara is thinking "Mmmm, more for me!"

cruise21.jpg (67678 bytes)

David imitating Nolen's fake smile

cruise22.jpg (59714 bytes)

Nolen showing off her outfit from St. Martin

cruise23.jpg (58747 bytes)

Who hasn't seen that face?!

cruise24.jpg (76210 bytes)

Sara still has the attitude, Nolen showing off her dress

cruise25.jpg (43609 bytes)

Patrick in his tux

cruise26.jpg (73054 bytes)

cruise27.jpg (74321 bytes)

cruise28.jpg (61236 bytes)

Sara would rather be with all her friends in the "Oceaneer Club"

cruise29.jpg (56312 bytes)

Now they're having fun

cruise30.jpg (50014 bytes)

cruise31.jpg (47029 bytes)

cruise32.jpg (42293 bytes)

Caught her smiling on camera...oops!

cruise33.jpg (43828 bytes)

What's a cruise without a good game of shuffleboard?

cruise35.jpg (51900 bytes)

Our maid used to make animals out of our towels, blankets, and sunglasses....check out the monkey!

cruise36.jpg (55798 bytes)

Relaxing in the stateroom

cruise37.jpg (61642 bytes)

Sara in her best bathing suit....not too happy about the photos!

cruise38.jpg (66888 bytes)

cruise39.jpg (51101 bytes)

The girls in the finale show with their Oceaneers Club friends

cruise40.jpg (43924 bytes)

And of course Mickey was there!

cruise41.jpg (64425 bytes)

Our favorite bartender, Lloyd