Dear Santa 2001
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Christmas Pics!

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Getting ready for the school Christmas show!

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Making Gingerbread men on Christmas Eve


Christmas Morning!!

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Here's the girls pics putting up the tree:

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Here's the girl's wish list:

(all are from the Toys R Us Big Toy Book -- but the girls of course will treasure all gifts this holiday season, below is just a wish list from the catalog they have seen)

  • Those with a little black square before it have been purchased.  Thanks!!



  • Spy Vision Goggles

  • Spy Listener

Spy Vision Scope

Radio DJ (Spy stuff)

Outdoor Adventure (Spy stuff)

  • Wild Planet Spy Watch

  • Extreme Bop It

Air Snares Drum

Password Journal

  • Password Keepsake Box

E-Chat (Tiger Electronics)

  • Explorer Globe 2

  • Vapor (electronic computer game)

Turbo Twist Spelling (Leap Frog educational toys)

Turbo Twist Math

  • Pretty Petals Craft Seft

  • Glitter Glass Craft Set



  • Wild Planet Spy Watch

  • Spy Vision Goggles

  • Spy Listener

Outdoor Adventure (Spy stuff)

  • Password Keepsake Box

  • Hitclips Telephone and 3 Pack

Hasbro M.A.G.S. (hand held computer game)


They both wear size 7 clothes. Nolen wears a size 2 shoe, Sara  1 1/2.