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Tater after his surgery

(he had a skin tumor removed and surgery to fix a congentital defect in his knee)

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Tater Christmas morning (no cast!)

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Tater needs a new groomer...but in the meanwhile, the girls are taking care of buisness....

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Tater Tot at Thanksgiving

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Me and all the crittters!

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Another new addition - TAZ!!  (making friends with Tater Tot!)

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He was too cute to say no (besides, he was free!)

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These two pictures were taken at the same time - a cushion for every pet, a pet for every cushion!

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Welcome TaterTot!!!  See more pics Here

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Say Hello to SnowBird!

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Nolen and Hootie enjoying some spaghetti-o's!!!!

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Crystal, Hootie Hoo, and Baby

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Best friends Hootie and Baby

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Nolen with Baby and Crystal

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Chester! - we now have a new mouse "Angel" - Hootie decided Chester made a good toy and he had to be put to sleep....picture soon to follow.    Good-bye Chester :(


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       Our favorite kitten - Hootie Hoo Too