Nolen and Sara
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These are from 99 but they are too cute to delete!  Newer pics are in the links above

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Nolen and Sara in their "fashion clothes"


Look!!! NO front teeth!!!!

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Going to church

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Sara's message to any boys:  Keep Out!!!

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Hi Mammy!!

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Sara lost her second tooth!!!!!!

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Sara lost her first tooth!!!

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Fun at the fair

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Nolen, Sara, and Breanna playing in the pool

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Sara helping out!

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and Nolen too!

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Playing barbies with Breanna


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Sara enjoying her lunch at field day


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Nolen at the craft table during field day


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Playing Go Fish (they always cheat!!! :)


Nolen, Sara, and Breanna having a sleep over


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Look!!! NO training wheels!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Nolen lost her second tooth!!!!!

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Sara relaxing after a hard day at school

  nolenmgr.gif (35655 bytes)      Nolen                                                                                                                       

  saramgr.gif (35128 bytes)       Sara                


  wpe94562.gif (39574 bytes)      Easter Picture!!


  rongirls.gif (25235 bytes)        Our Dad