Nolen's Birthday Party
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Sat 11 Dec 99


They have their own jeep!!

jeep1.jpg (49897 bytes)

jeep2.jpg (53031 bytes)



Nolen's presents!!! She can't wait to open them!!

nolenbday1.jpg (47946 bytes)


The cake!

nolenbday2.jpg (40465 bytes)


Breanna and Sara munching!!

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Can't we open the presents???

nolenbday4.jpg (47744 bytes)


We love the party bags!

nolenbday5.jpg (47142 bytes)


It's my party!!!

nolenbday6.jpg (39145 bytes) first present...thanks Sara

nolenbday7.jpg (50283 bytes)


I know what these are .... thanks Auntie Ebash!!!

nolenbday8.jpg (55891 bytes)

Now i gotta put these cards in my album!

nolenbday9.jpg (53413 bytes)


WOW... a Birthday Beanie Bear!  Thanks Auntie Ebash

nolenbday10.jpg (49143 bytes)


An I Choose You PIcachu!!!  Thanks!!

nolenbday11.jpg (49415 bytes)


We love Pokemon!!

nolenbday12.jpg (47693 bytes)


What a great shirt...thanks Mammiy!!!

nolenbday13.jpg (44331 bytes)


Mmmm...I wonder what this is

nolenbday14.jpg (52032 bytes)


What fun jewelry!!!

nolenbday15.jpg (49312 bytes)


Thanks for the Spice Girls Tattoos Mammy!!!

nolenbday16.jpg (51160 bytes)


Travel toys from Aunt Sue and Uncle Jack :)

nolenbday17.jpg (44553 bytes)


What an elegant Barbie...thanks PaPa and MeMe and Uncle Adam!!!

nolenbday18.jpg (48139 bytes)



BIrthday Cake Time!!!

nolenbday21.jpg (46059 bytes)

nolenbday20.jpg (55229 bytes)

nolenbday22.jpg (56320 bytes)

nolenbday23.jpg (56248 bytes)

nolenbday24.jpg (37620 bytes)

nolenbday25.jpg (44873 bytes)

nolenbday26.jpg (38931 bytes)

nolenbday27.jpg (47142 bytes)


TIme to watch Pokemon Movies!!!

nolenbday28.jpg (84171 bytes)