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What a great field day!!!   Nolen and Sara did great and had such a fun time with their classmates!!  Take a look!

nolenwheelbarrow_may2k.jpg (63108 bytes)

nolenwheelbarrow2_may2k.jpg (62822 bytes)

nolenwheelbarrow3_may2k.jpg (57366 bytes)

That's a blue ribbon team!!!

nolenb-ball_may2k.jpg (49873 bytes)

nolenb-ball2_may2k.jpg (60025 bytes)

Nolen was the only girl competing in basketball!!

saraclimb_may2k.jpg (69254 bytes)

Sara at the top!

sarafieldday_may2k.jpg (54288 bytes)

It sure is hot!! 

nolenhulahoop_may2k.jpg (65445 bytes)

nolenhulahoop2_may2k.jpg (60685 bytes)

Look mom, no hands!!!

nolenhulahoop3_may2k.jpg (57920 bytes)

another blue ribbon performance!

sarajumprope_may2k.jpg (69784 bytes)

sarajumprope2_may2k.jpg (66466 bytes)

GO Sara!!!!

nolenrelay_may2k.jpg (59025 bytes)

On the way to another blue ribbon!

nolensackrace_may2k.jpg (58687 bytes)

nolensackrace3_may2k.jpg (48632 bytes)

Good try Nolen!

sarasoftball_may2k.jpg (67543 bytes)

Sara at the softball throw

nolenshuttlerun_may2k.jpg (62409 bytes)

Nolen competing in the shuttle run

nolenandmrsrandall_may2k.jpg (59234 bytes)

Nolen and her teacher, Mrs. Randall

sararibbons_may2k.jpg (53676 bytes)

sararibbons2_may2k.jpg (53460 bytes)

Way to go Sara!!!

nolenribbons_may2k.jpg (51773 bytes)

Nolen with her Overall First Place ribbon

nolenribbons2_may2k.jpg (48503 bytes)

Nolen and all her first place ribbons!!