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Dear Santa,

We have been very good girls this year (well, most of the time!) and this is what we want for Christmas:

NOTE:  All items were selected from the Toys R Us "The Big Toy Book" catalog


Dancin Debbie                                                                   37.99

Barbie Airplane                                                                 49.99

Barbie Rock and Roll Radio House                                 34.99

Pooh or Blues Clues Foam Chair                                     29.99

Fisher Price Grow to Pro Baseball                                  19.99

Trend Master Wuv Luv 2                                                  29.99

Hasbro Six Pins Bowling                                                   16.99   

Nintendo Pikachu 2                                                           27.99

Playmates Amazing Babies                                              44.99

Razor Scooter (any)



Barbie Bead and Sparkle Nail Salon                                 19.99

True Girlz Cosmetics Tackle Box                                      14.99

Capelli Plush Room Acessories                                          29.99

Casper's Haunted Christmas (movie)                              19.99

Cootie Jitterbug Game                                                        16.99

Pokemon Thunderstorm Gift Box                                      19.99

Toymax Rick and Robbie Racer                                         29.99

Mattel Hotwheels Thunder Roller                                      19.99

Hasbro/Tiger Electronic Games (any)                              19.99

Tiger Electronics Get Mail                                                    29.99



Cotton Candy Maker                                                             19.99

Super Tea Cart 'n Dining Table                                           19.99

Cappell Instant Room 6-pc set                                            19.99

Pokemon Electronic Think Chip Battle Stadium                 39.99     

Funrise Deluxe Monopoly Pinball                                         79.99

Pokemon Silver or Gold Gameboy games                           29.99

Pokemon Silver or Gold Gameboy Carry Case                    9.99

CD Player with headphones (any)/CDs

Art Supplies


Educational Software